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Take Instant Orderswith Serve Ninja!

Enable your guests to order and pay through a single app, right from their table.

Sometimes all you need is a ninja!

Here's what happens

Serve Ninja takes care of your service while you focus on your customers’ experience and needs.

Easy ordering

Guests pull up your menu by scanning the QR code on the table. It only takes a few taps to order and click off the dining adventure.

Fast Service

You will be notified of each new order. Once ready, you can make your way to the table or send a pickup notification to your guests.

A whole new experience

Offer a whole new experience for you and your guests. Minimise the waiting time, keep a steady workflow and enjoy your returning customers.

Real Time Billing

Each order is processed and biiled instantly. No need to worry about settlements.

Time is money

In a busy day, time can be money. Take more orders, increase your tables' availability and see your revenue growing from day one!

Take control of your menu

Use the admin app to edit your menu, reassign tables, create promotions and see your changes live instantly.

Showcase of Styles

Simple and elegant at the same time Serve Ninja offers

the best ordering experience for your guests.

Serve Ninja

is available on all devices,

all the time.

Serve ninja works in every device, without downloading any app or creating an account. Scanning the QR code on your table is the only thing you need.

As simple as that!